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JS Talks Digital – Public Sector Marketing Podcast

Apr 21, 2017

JSB Talks Digital is a weekly digital marketing and social media podcast hosted by author, strategist, consultant, speaker and trainer Joanne Sweeney-Burke. In this special show coming to you from St. John’s Castle in Limerick, I discuss Fake News and its impact on the media and PR industry. In this episode: • In Social Media News I take a look at Facebook Stories • I interview Colm Ward from the National Union of Journalists, Carol Byrne, journalist with the Clare Champion and Cian Connaughton, President of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland about the implications of fake news on the media and PR industry. • In shout-outs: The three most common types of fake news; • In JSB’s column – How to combat fake news in the Digital Age; and • Find out what Fake Follower Audit tool saved my working week.